Dream about the unexpected?

Dream about the unexpected? I always do…

Part of the reason I’m obsessed with travelling is because it always leads to unpredictable adventures and experiences. Something about the mystery of not knowing what is going to happen fires me up a little…or a lot. I guess to put it simply, I always like to switch things up and keep my life interesting so that I stay on my toes. Maybe it’s a millennial thing, always craving a change, not wanting to be bored, and having this desire of always wanting to be occupied with something, but hey, I like it that way.

Something I do realize is that travelling obviously isn’t cheap. Flights are costly and so is experiencing a new culture, and of course the traditional food delicacies. But, I like to think I’m good at scoring deals and saving money where I can, so I can allocate my spending on the things I like.

Choosing a credit card that gets me double points on things such as food and entertainment is a pretty big in my books — which is why I find the new HSBC PlusRewards Mastercard so enticing. Like 2x rewards for every $1 spent on dining, and then redeem those points to book upcoming travel plans? Tulum for NYE? here I come! Why not spend better so we can spend more? Lol, I don’t think it gets any more millennial than that.



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