Lessons of 2017

New year, new goals, right? Here’s a little run down of 8 lessons I learnt in 2017, that I definitely considered when making my goals for the new year. Take a look…

1. Be self-aware

Know yourself and understand your presence. If you can be fully aware of what you do, and can understand your presence and purpose, you’ll end up being a better version of yourself. I learnt that I needed to be more aware of myself as well as of my intentions to succeed in tasks and realistically fulfill my goals. If you lie to yourself by proposing things you aren’t committed to achieving, you are only getting in the way of your own success.

2. Learn from people

You are a product of your environment. You’ve probably already heard this before, but it couldn’t be more true. Also, if you want to learn more about something, surrounding yourself around those like-minded people, and people who have more experience and are more successful in the industry, will help you grow and continuously inspire you to be better. I now find myself constantly trying to grow by learning from experts in my field or well-rounded individuals who I can bounce ideas off of and receive constructive criticism and feedback from.

3. You can’t get it until you give it your all

Multi-tasking simply doesn’t work, and if you think it works for you, I can guarantee that it isn’t the most effective option. You may think you’re being efficient, but imagine how much more you could get out of your time if you dedicated a specific slot in your day to each one of your tasks. Also, I learnt that if you don’t give it your all, you probably won’t get the results you were aiming for. You’ve really got to put in 100% if you want to see big things happen.

4. Read More

I was never a big fan of school, but I’ve always loved to read. I learnt that reading is one of the most effective ways of gaining information and expanding your knowledge. Books can provide you with all the necessary tools you need to start a business, learn about a topic, or develop a skill. You just take in what someone else is sharing about their expertise in a topic – no professor required.

5. Don’t worry about uncontrollable things

In life, there are many things that happen and many things that people do, that you simply can’t control. One major thing I discovered is that there is no point in fussing about that which you can do nothing about. Ultimately, life happens and events occur that are unplanned and uncalled for. But, if you worry about what could happen, or about those things you just can’t do anything about, you cause yourself unnecessary stress and get anxious for no reason. You just got to chill out.

6. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

This applies to both people and things alike. Sure if something is meant happen, if you go away and then come back to it, and it’s truly meant to be, you’ll grow closer to that feeling. If you feel unmotivated or are questioning a decision, take time and then revisit it. After giving it some time, the answer will be more obvious than ever.

7. Just be you.

No one else can master the art of being you, more than yourself. I’ve learnt that although there is so much competition in life, whether it be personal, relationship, or career related, you simply can’t compare yourself to other people. You aren’t them, and they aren’t you – and they can’t be. Being the best and most authentic version of yourself will resonate better with people, and will teach you to love who you are.

8. Life Moves Fast

Seriously, it does… this isn’t just something older people say. Life honestly flies by and not being present during important times – which you may not realize are important till later on – is a shame. This is something I learnt and also something I’m going to have to work really hard on, but appreciating every moment and taking a step back can really be a breath of fresh air. I’ve started to start each day by resetting first thing in the morning, with a quick voice-led meditation. I do it for 5 minutes, and I honestly feel like it has helped me go on about my day in a more calm and mindful manner.

Thank you guys so much for reading. What lessons did you learn in 2017?



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