2018 is My Year

I know I’m probably not the first person who you’ve heard say that, “this year is my year”…but I swear guys, it really is!” I am by no means trying to claim 2018 as my year, but I do really feel like big things will happen, and I will continue to climb up the ladder to success…and this revelation isn’t simply because 8 also happens to be my favourite number…but is it a coincidence? I think not 😉

This year I have decided to write down goals. Now, I never used to write them down because I simply couldn’t quantify what I wanted. I knew I wanted to be successful, grow my blog, and establish myself on youtube…but I couldn’t give a definitive answer of WHY? Why I wanted to do it all.

I have this drive to succeed and interest to pursue all of these wonderful things, but I’ve come to realize that ultimately none of it really matters if I don’t have short and long term goals or reasons behind why I want to accomplish them.

So, I by no means have all my goals written out quite yet, but I would say I am off to a good start.

My strategy behind this “goal-writing” has been developed because of a book I am currently reading. It is called the 4-hour work week, and within the first few chapters it gets you to sit down and write down your goals relating to personal life, health, business, relationships, money, personal, etc. Now the way I did this (with some helpful advice from an entrepreneurial friend) is by breaking these categories down into sub categories, which are time periods. For example, 5 years, 1 year, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months. Everyone may have a different take on how time-sensitive they want to make their quantifiable goals, but I don’t like to think too far down the road because a) I know my goals will shift and adjust as time goes on, and b) I am more driven to meet short term goals because their proximity motivates me (it’s like that whole “if you can see it, you believe it” sorta thing)

So, the following are some of the main goals, taken randomly from the different categories I mentioned, that I want to make happen within 2018 (*note I haven’t shared them in a quantifiable format, but those are for my personal list 😉

  1. Grow my optimism

I often find myself looking at the “realistic”way of things, and as a result I find that I often comes across as pessimistic or hostile. I want to learn to acknowledge my attitude towards things and be more conscious of how I respond.

  1. Be happy

I am so fortunate to get to experience so many different things and be presented with so many opportunities in life. I find that I don’t always “take it all in”. The way I swallow things tends to vary on who I’m with and my surrounding environment. But, my goal is to always be grateful of the incredible things, people, and environment I am experiencing, because being at ease will make me a happier person.

  1. It’s all in the little things

This one kinda ties into the previous 2 points I mentioned, in the sense that acknowledging all the little things – will make one happier. Life is all about the little moments that eventually form the bigger picture. Without the little things, the big thing wouldn’t really exist.

This also refers to noticing the little things one does. I need to really notice what I do, and how the repercussions of my actions and words, because the worst feeling is not knowing what your actions do and how they are affecting people.

  1. Make my ideas happen
    1. Go to NYFW + PFW
    2. Build my clothing line
    3. Have a small team for my brand/blog my my birthday
    4. Work with brands X,Y, Z

*…to name a few. And, don’t be afraid of big ideas – doing things that scare you make you grow

  1. Live in a different country

If I am to be perfectly honest, nothing is holding me down to Toronto, my hometown. I have always had the feeling that there is so much of the world to experience, so why settle for the first option you feel comfortable with. I am also a huge lover and advocate of travel, as I truly believe that one can gain so much knowledge from the experience of travel. I want to bring my clothing line to the beautiful country of Australia and try to immerse myself into that market to help grow my brand. I also do love London- so I wouldn’t mind living there for a little while as well.

  1. Work on myself

Learning to be happier, will make all the things that occur in life to be all the more satisfying. I believe that this starts by working on oneself, so I’ve started to do little things to get the ball rolling. So far, I’ve picked up the five-minute-journal and have been writing in it (almost) every day – it encourages you to acknowledge your day and appreciate the things that happened. Next on my to-do-list, is incorporating meditation into my daily routine, and reading more books – on life, inspiration, goals, and the entrepreneurial life.




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