The Army Everyone’s Been Talking About || I.AM.GIA

By now we have all heard of the bold and edgy brand that has stepped into the women’s e-commerce fashion industry. If you haven’t…well, take notes. From the launch of the brand this past summer, I.AM.GIA has been quickly climbing up to becoming a leading Australian label.

The genius marketing strategy of label began during September ’17 NYFW, when the edgy pieces were spotted on hit celebs such as Bella Hadid & Kaia Gerber. The Australian label really got booming after that, and broke the internet – and for us fashion obsessees, it also broke our bank accounts.

The founder and CEO of the contemporary label, Alana Pallister, has been seriously killing it, with already having dropped 5 collections of effortlessly cool and edgy pieces of affordable fashion. This brand really stands out to me as…well, I actually made a short video summing up my exact thoughts about it. Not only do I see the genius marketing strategy behind I.AM.GIA the label, that pushed the brand toward it’s quick rise to success, but I see it as an exemplary company to learn and grow from.

A couple months back I thought about applying to work/intern at the label’s headquarters in Australia because I really wanted to take the chance and learn from the pro, herself, which is basically why I made this video. However, I decided to postponed my application for just a couple months while I take on a personal venture of starting a clothing line…YES, my very own clothing line.

That being said, I did create a video resume to submit as my application to the hiring team, that outlined who I am and why I want to work for the company. A  non-traditional application that stands out, is sort of what I was going for. I did put a lot of effort into creating the video – with the help of my friend and videographer Ozzy, and I didn’t want to simply keep it to myself. So, I’ve decided to share with you guys, *drumroll* my video resume for I.AM.GIA.

This edgy girl boss label can be found as well as other sites like and for you Torontonians, it can be found in boutiques like

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