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2 April 08, 2017-EditGetting motivated can be hard, and staying motivated can seem even harder. Working in the oversaturated industry of social media and trying to stand out from the zillions of different bloggers, vloggers, snapchaters, etc. (you get what I’m trying to say) can be SUPER demotivating. Yes, the competition is unreal, but what I find that really stands in my way, is feeling like I’ve lost my path. I am always working towards growing my social presence, increasing my audience, providing consistency for my followers, and generating ideas (one of which could potentially be a million-dollar idea – let’s get real). But, time and time again I find myself caught in this funk of wanting to do things and ultimately not taking the right actions to legitimately JUST DO IT!

So yes, this is an ongoing struggle for myself, and for many others I’m sure. However, the good news is that there are certain things one can do to help activate that motivation and eagerness, so to follow through with those brilliant ideas and goals that travel towards a path of success. I’m here to share some of my (not-so pro) tips on what gets me out of bed and back on the grind. 14 April 08, 2017-Edit5 April 08, 2017-EditSurround yourself with motivated and like-minded individuals.

I constantly try to attend networking events or set up meetings with individuals in the blogging industry, with fashion brands, and ultimately entrepreneurs of any sort. Having a conversation with people who are in, or started out in a position similar to the one I am in (as an up and coming entrepreneur) always share some creative. Whether the conversation be about their journey, or about sharing opinions on certain ideas or on how to optimize my brand and social channels better, I always leave the conversation a) having shared my brand with another individual (it’s ALL about networking) b) feeling inspired to go out and work hard on my brand.

Staying organized.

If I don’t have my daily to-do list written out, or my content calendar filled in for the week, I won’t get my tasks completed. I am a strong believer of lists and I feel that when I can visually see what I have to get done, it puts me in a more productive mindset and keeps me on track. Managing brand collaborations, scheduling posts, going to the gym, and maintaining a social life, all gets scribbled onto the poster-sized calendar that hangs in my room. Everyone uses a different strategy to stay organized, but I do feel that having a constant visual reminder that I look at multiple times a day, keeps me on my game.

Get outside.

This kind of goes along with the first point about surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, but physically getting out of the house to do work, gets me working harder. Going to a coffee shop or library helps to increase my productivity, rather than allow me to find distractions that occupy my time. Being productive and in a space surrounded by other individuals who are hard at work, puts me in a more focused mindset and allows me to zone in on my tasks. After all, you are a product of your environment.


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Top – Zaful
Denim – Reformation
Booties – Zara




Photographed by @williamriquelmephotography

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