A Little Wonder got the Best of Me

Where in the world have I been? All over it, to be quite honest. After finishing up my undergraduate degree in April and establishing my role as a social media manager, blogger, and now vlogger… I’ve got to admit, it may have gotten the best of me.

I’d like to say, “I just haven’t had the time” and the reality is I really feel like I haven’t. With everything I’ve signed myself up to do, I’ve sort of fallen off track and away from my initial goal with this whole social media influencer thing. But, now that I’ve had a few months to get a feel for things, I’ve finally figured out what my “near future” goals are for myself, my brand, and my business.

Without getting too into it, let’s just say that I finally think I know what I (sorta) wanna do with the next couple years of my life. I definitely want to focus more on my brand, future business (won’t spill the beans quite yet), and myself. It all sounds a little self-centred, but I’ve come to realize that unless I give my all, and target all of my energy into making “my shit” happen, it won’t.

So, what you just read was my long way of letting you guys know that a) I will be working hard on getting back to being consistent with my blog posts b) I will be sharing some important information and asking you guys for your support and ideas on it c) I hope to continue to inspire you guys with all that I do <3

Now, to get back on track with this style post…

I’ve added a new feature to my blog so you guys can shop my look directly from my page, as displayed in the carousel below. So I hope you guys enjoy this new reading/shopping experience!

In this look, I am sporting a backpack which I’ve been using for travelling over the past few months. It is by Gaston Luga, and it fits my laptop, vlogging camera, calendar, and notebook – so all of the travel essentials – and it’s super sleek and trendy for both sexes. ( You guys can shop it for 15% off with code: Pittam15)

I’m also wearing my all time favourite jacket by Zara, (similar can be found at H&M) and these duo-sided booties by Public Desire, which feature one patent and one suede side (best of both worlds). This fit is super comfy, weather appropriate, and perfect for hanging out with the fam during this holiday season.

Thank you guys for catching up on what’s new here, and stay tuned for next week’s post!



Photographed by  @andrew_gook

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